Available Saturday February 15th at 10AM
Price : $458

Roots - Bloor Street
100 Bloor Street West

Monday, February 10, 2014

OVO x Roots 2014 Tour Jackets Release


charliepoll said...

If they go online then ship internationally I'll cop

Marc Delorenzo said...

Any chance this will be available online for peeps in the states?

Mary said...

Where were your clothes produced and what materials are they made off? I don't buy unsustainable clothing....

Anonymous said...

I really want this!! Can you please make them available online and also available for international shipping to the UK.

Anonymous said...

show me where i can buy it and ill get it

Anonymous said...

I'm located in toronto, if anyone would like one hit my dm on twitter @nxkhxl i will buy and sell to those who wants.

Anonymous said...


pmwfotos said...

Aaliyah feat. Drake - Enough Said http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HNgVmHSuVM

Destiny Wilson said...

I Really want this. ,I cried because it's only available in Toronto. That's soooo not fair to his other fans especially when Atlanta adopted him. 😔😕 anybody selling it get at me on. Instagram @_maryypoppinss I want this jacket.

Anonymous said...

Will buy for 600 need an xl or xxl if there r no more xl email dsteiner95@aol.com i want the black one not the green

Anonymous said...

Limited quantities and sizes. No holds, no transfers. First come first serve. There will be a line up. Doors open at 10AM. No discounts of any kind. Available only at Roots on Bloor. 100 Bloor St. W. Not available online or to ship. No reservations or payments through the phone. Limit one jacket per person. Final sale product.

Anonymous said...

Hit me up on my IG Page I'll Be Buying 3 Of These.. I'm In T.O (jclove_omo_78)

Anonymous said...

They will be online in the future. Only roughly 250 will be produced and available to sell at roots bloor street

Anonymous said...

Hit me up if you want one... instagram is @romanceee

sidney michaud said...


Anonymous said...

If you want a jacket either hit me up on IG (imranthelibrarian) or email me at imranmandozai@hotmail.com. I will be lining up

Rayshad said...
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Rashad said...
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Anonymous said...



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Luna Maya Bugil said...

Where were your clothes produced and what materials are they made off? I don't buy unsustainable clothing

Anonymous said...

Hmu prettyboiierik on instagram got green size L

Anonymous said...

if anyone wants one of these ovo varsity jackets i have the black in size large... email me at svasdani@gmail.com with your best offer .. no lowballers please ...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Im selling my size medium jacket. Im asking 1100. Contact me at stevenakrivos@gmail.com

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Pendaftaran CPNS 2014 said...

so cool...

sohail said...

thanks for the post

Drake Jackets said...

Drake - Enough Said http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HNgVmHSuVM ... drakejackets.blogspot.com

John said...

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montana said...

I am a roots employee and I would like to reassure you that our clothing is made of the best quality materials including elk, deer and cow hide from one of the best tanneries in Italy. If quality of sustainable materials is your concern, set your mind at ease because at roots we make only the best. Guaranteed. I am getting one for my boyfriend. The only location to purchase these jackets is the Bloor St location in Toronto. Take care all!

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