Monday, February 17, 2014

OVO Now Available at Colette


charliepoll said...

Selling in Selfridges, now that would be dope

Lanna said...

Pure Dopeness unruly

W said...

Drake. Women love you. You market yourself to women. Why don't have shirts for women?

I want a woman's version of these:

I almost bought one - but realized they wouldn't complement me as much.

Anonymous said...

Does this company ship to the U.S.? I want the white omega and the white owl shirt since the owl is sold out on the ovo store and the white omega is no longer sold on the ovo store.

Anonymous said...

They ship to the US. i live in NY and just got a grey arabic owl hoodie

Osiris Watson said...

Hello my name is Tim Watson.
Recently I was contacted by a twitter under the name @OVOsoundinc portraying themselves as you and I was wondering if this was legitimate. He showed me a contract with distribution and promotion deals. Please respond as quickly as possible because this is very serious for me and it would be reassuring to know. Thank you.
You can find my music here
and this is my phone number 12489790849
Tim Watson

Nemo said...

Nice blog :-)

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Anonymous said...

Please restock in that hoodie ASAP

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

I just read about your reaction against Rolling Stone magazine's decision to put Philip Seymour Hoffman on their cover instead of you… and I am disgusted by it. Get this: Philip Seymour Hoffman was bigger than you will EVER be. You know why? Because he was not another self-absorbed artist who couldn't see further than his own egregious ego. Don't go that route. It's ridiculously off-putting and cliché. I actually thought you were different… alas no -- you are another arrogant egotist drunk with your self-importance. Disappointing.

Anonymous said...

weak! these hoodies and shirts are better

Angelique Ross said...

I want one so bad! But I can't afford It. But Aubrey I wish you would kik me! I am only 13 so I don't want sexy or nothing I'm just a really big fan! And not a crazy one tho. _Drizzy_Drakes_Wife_ is my kik. If you can please kik me. And keep your head up and stay strong. More people love you than hate you! And I love you and don't even know you but that means your a good person. Not just cause your famous. But I will meet you some day when my parents get they money right I hope. But I love you.

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James said...

Hey guys can someone tell where this hoodie is. I seriously have to buy it . Anybody?

Angelique Ross said...

Straight From The Heart Shit; You are amazing. It really sucks when you make songs about women who break your heart. I really just wanna break there face. You don't deserve that. And that fact that they take advantage of you because you have money and are famous is fucked up. You don't let that get to you. You keep your head above the clouds and look at them when they finally decide to bow down.

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